When thinking of decorating your interiors, some things are more to function than style, and adding a good rug pad to your floor space is one of these. Even though rug pad will lie underneath a area rug or a runner, but there are many reasons to add these cost effective floor coverings to your floor. If you plan to use a rug, always lay a rug pad under it, and you’ll definitely be doing a lot to protect your investment and upgrade your living area in the home.

Let’s have a close look at some benefits of using rug pads:

Extra Comfort

A rug pad adds another layer of cushioning, which makes surface feel warmer and softer. This is very useful in areas where people often gather and sit down on rug such as living room and children room.

Saving Wear on Rugs

Use of rug pads prevents considerable wear and tear on rugs, especially the hard backed rugs that may otherwise grind constantly against the floor. Actually, it’s a sort of buffer that protects the rug and the floor alike. A good rug pad can add years of life to your expensive rugs, and can pay for itself many times over.

Protects the Floor Surface

The protection offered by rug pads is not just restricted to rugs, but also extends to your floor surface. With the use of rugs, the dust collected on the top surface can easily get caught under the surface. This is quite common in open weaves and lighter rug textiles. With pressure, this dust and debris can cause extensive abrasions on the floor below. Hardwood flooring is very susceptible to this type of damage.

Breathing Room

Area rugs also help to areate the area between the rug and the floor. Without one of these pads, mold, mildew, and bacteria can build up under the rug over time. This has to do with temperatures and moisture in the living space, but with a rug pad properly installed under the area rug, you can easily avoid some of this decay.


The rug pad keeps an area rug at some distance from the floor thereby permitting a pocket of air below. This will make vacuuming easy and more effective since all the dirt can be sucked out easily. Regular air circulation also keeps the rug ventilated and reduces problems such as mildew, mold, and bacterial growth. These can cause odor, staining and premature aging rending area rug unusable.


Rug pads also help in improving the safety at places where kids may be playing. Without these pads, rugs can shift rapidly on any side impact. Therefore, anyone who runs across them can go flying! This can lead to serious injuries. So use of grippy rug pad under the rug is the best way to ensure safety of those at home.

Sound Reduction

An additional layer of rug pad also helps in improving acoustic insulation of the floor and softens the atmosphere of the room.

Consider all of the above benefits when it’s time to provide your apartment or house with extra floor coverings. Keep a good supply of this compact, cost-effective material around and you can quickly add a rug pad to incoming runners, area rugs, or other items, and make your house that much more livable.

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